Petersburg, AK
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Alaska Glacier Tours

Whales, Glaciers, Kayaking, and More!

LeConte Glacier

Alaska Glacier Tours – A visit to LeConte Glacier is a must for visitors to Petersburg. We travel through spectacular Leconte Bay fjord, winding our way among thousands of deep-blue icebergs to get a view of this natural wonder. Seeing huge chunks of ice falling into the water with a thunderous roar is an unbelievable sight. This Alaska Glacier tour takes approximately 4-5 hours.

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Your captain owns a cabin on a small island in LeConte Glacier Bay. A longer day trip will allow for time to see the glacier and visit the island to walk around icebergs stranded on the tide flats.

Alaska Passages provided support getting footage for a  National Geographic Video: Math Class on a Glacier

The Pelican

Captain Scott Hursey is a resident of Petersburg since 1973. He has been running boats in this area since then, with over 30 years in the charter business. Learn more »

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